Your on-demand service marketplace
While we expand the definition of "home services" & find new connections between old challenges.
Access dashboards for key business metrics.
Make better decisions and decode how consume behavior will change in the coming years
Manage Service Providers
Manually add new service providers or approve new registration requests.
Manage Service Requests
View all the incoming service requests, assign service provider, status, etc.
Manage Service
List your offered services, their details, categories, pricing and more.
The on-demand economy is large, and getting larger. Unsurprisingly, almost half (49%) of on-demand consumers are millennials (age 18-34)
What else can HOBU do
Our goal is to deliver value through digitally managed services
Manage Partner Payments
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients.
Access via a Control Center
The marketplace owner gets a feature rich admin dashboard to manage everything.
Easily update the settings for SMS, email and push alerts for both parties.
Manage Promotions
Create promo codes, discounts, and offers and track their usage and performance.
Profile Verification
Review the document submissions and manage requirements from the panel.
Manage Ads
Put sponsored listings for your partners and run third-party ads on your app.
Manage Reviews
View customer feedback on their service experience, flag poor performers and more.
Reporting & Analytics
Get useful data points and metrics to make informed decisions for your service business.
The On-Demand Economy for Home Services is Growing
The rise of the on-demand economy is changing consumer habits, supply chains, regulations, competition, and growth investments.
Your transformation begins with HOBU
Hobu VMS is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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