Intelligent service booking experiences
Disruption is reconsidering what we offer and how we offer it.
HOBU VMS is a response to the marketplace – a marketplace that says that consumers don't shop around anymore.
Reflect new capabilities, personalization, and seamlessness while still delivering the exceptional high-touch services your customers are used to.
A recent Walker study, states that by the year 2020, customer experience will be overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator.
Intuitive UI
A mobile first and simplistic interface to provide an amazing user experience.
Mobile Apps
Customers get branded iOS & Android apps to request any service on tap.
Easy Onboarding
Quick to get started - all you need is a customer phone number, email or social login.
Browse Services
Seamless browsing experience for all the services available to the user.
Search Services
Users can search services directly and use filters for cost, ratings and more.
Schedule Service
Offer your customers the choice to pick up a time slot for service delivery.
Submit Request
View service details and quickly send a request for the desired task.
Quote Manager
Answer simple questions to get better results from service professionals.
Approval Notifications
Customers get notified when their request is accepted by an expert.
Seamless Payments
Get paid securely from your customers via multiple payment options.
Other features include
options to manage their basic service details, manage invoices, recurring service requirements and more.

We help you access information any time of the day or night, manage customer expectations, and provide accurate & quality information
In App Support includes
  • In-app FAQs
  • Onboarding tutorials
  • Customer support
  • Alerts
  • Real time chat
Browse & Search products
  • Seamless browsing experience
  • Availability of hardware products
  • Filters for cost, ratings and more.
FUTURE READINESS IN YOUR BUSINESS CAN maximize YOU gains from AN emerging market.
Everyday customers are already using enabled smart devices for health and wellness, tracking devices for personal safety, and also the emerging smart home systems.
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We enable your business with smart digital processes
You have a trusted technology partner through transformation
Your business is available 24/7 & in real-time
You simplify business complexity with ease
Your transformation begins with HOBU
Hobu VMS is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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